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Warm Welcome to my Solo Rider Z world! 🙏

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I’m Sanjay Rai Sharma with 20 years of professional experience in Training & Development and Human Resources, my journey began at Denso India Ltd in the automobile industry. Currently, I thrive on freelancing, specializing in soft skill training, behavioral training and self-development.

During my spare time, I embark on solo travel adventures, exploring new places and documenting my experiences. I am also a motorcycle enthusiast, adventurer, and content creator. Through my blogs, I aim to share my love for motorcycles, explore thrilling solo travel destinations, and connect with fellow riders from around the globe.

Ever since I can remember, motorcycles have been an integral part of my life. The feeling of freedom and exhilaration that comes with riding is unmatched. It’s a unique way to experience the world and embrace the beauty of the open road. With each twist of the throttle, I find myself immersed in an extraordinary journey.

 🏍️I frequently travel to rejuvenate myself in the abode of hills.  🏍️

I started my blog ( and moto vlog YouTube channel (@soloriderz) as a way to document my wanderlust and share them with others who have a similar passion for motorcycles as well as traveling. Whether you’re an experienced rider or someone who dreams of hitting the road, my videos strive to entertain, educate, and inspire you.

What sets my vlogs apart is the genuine connection I have with my viewers. I want you to feel like you’re right there with me, experiencing the wind on your face and the thrill of each ride. I bring you along on epic road trips, capture breathtaking landscapes, and share the ups and downs of my motorcycle journeys. From challenging terrains to memorable encounters, I share it all, unfiltered and authentic.

I believe in the power of storytelling. My vlogs are not just about motorcycles; they’re about the people, the culture, and the incredible moments that unfold along the way. I aim to capture the essence of each adventure and deliver an immersive experience that leaves you inspired to embark on your own two-wheeled escapades.

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Beyond the vlogs, I’m also an avid writer. On my blog, you’ll find articles that delve deeper into my travel experiences, thoughts, and insights about motorcycles, gear, product reviews and the meet up in the moto vlogging community.

I hope these written blog pieces complement the visual stories I share in my videos and provide a comprehensive view of my world as a blogger and a Moto vlogger.

My mission is to inspire and provide valuable insights to fellow explorers, creating a community bound by shared curiosity and wanderlust.

Thank you! to all my fellow reading for sticking together with me in my incredible journey. 😊

Whether you’re a long-time reader of my blog or new to my Solo Rider Z world, I appreciate your support and encouragement. Let’s explore the world together, one motorcycle travel adventure at a time!

Be Healthy, Ride safe, and stay tuned for more thrilling content!

[Sanjay Rai Sharma]

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