honda cb 200x

Honda CB 200X

Is the Honda CB 200X a cruiser? Let’s find out

Past few years motorcycle riding has been rising in India. India is a land of adventurous journeys. Whether you travel on a Train, Bus, or car, the travel journey will excite you pumping your adrenaline. If you are a person like me who love to travel by motorcycle, then you definitely would want to have a motorcycle that is capable of touring for long distance. With a reliable engine, Honda has recently launched its cruiser B 200x. The design is inspired by the higher segment motorcycle Honda CB500x, Honda has recently launched Honda CB 200x in the Indian Market. 

This bike CB 200x is designed for touring and mild off-roading purposes.  The bike is priced at Rs.1.48 Lakh ex. Showroom Delhi.

Honda CB 200X

This bike CB 200x is designed for touring and mild off-road purposes.  The bike is priced at Rs.1.44 Lakh ex. Showroom Gurgaon.  The design is a semi-faired with attached knuckle guards.  So you don’t need to spend more money to install knuckle guards.  The beauty of knuckle guards shines with the turn indicators on it.  This gives a great road presence to the Honda CB200x.

Honda CB 200x comes in a single variant.  But you will get three color options (pearl night star black, silver metallic, sports red, and matte Selene,)

Whereas if you see the bike there are only cosmetic changes done on the same engine of Hornet 2.O.  Yet there are many aspects to rely on the Honda Engines.  Especially when you go for long rides reliable engine will keep you calm and composed while riding.

The new Honda CB200x seems to be a good-looking bike.  The mileage of the bike is good.  The customer-reported average is somewhere around 45 to 47 kmpl. While the reliability of the engine is good.  The engine is also very refined.  Moreover, there is less vibrations till 7000rpm.

Engine Specifications of Honda CB 200x

Honda CB 200x is a 184 cc BS6 PGM-FI fuel-injected engine. It’s a single-cylinder engine that produces 16.1 Nm of torque @6000rpm and 17.2 BHP @8500 RPM. 

The Honda CB200x has a diamond-type frame for better stability and better handling capabilities.

Honda CB 200X


  1. All Led lighting
  2. Allow wheels
  3. Urban explorer design
  4. Diamond type streel framework
  5. Knuckle cover with LED winkers
  6. Split step seat
  7. Under cowl
  8. Upright riding position
  9. Upswept exhaust
  10. Dynamic performance
  11. Immense torque

Single Channel abs and dual petal disc

Honda CB 200X

Pros of Honda CB200x

  1. The bike comes with semi-faring and a front wiser that is quite useful for protecting windblast.
  2. The bike also comes with Knuckle Guards installed.
  3. Turn indicator installed on the Knuckle guards to add up a beautiful look from the front of the big.
  4. Reliable refined engine
  5. Good mileage- as reported by the user 45 to 47 kmpl.

Cons of Honda CB200x

  1. The bike is priced quite high when you compare to similar 200 cc bikes.
  2. Being an Adventure bike category the ground clearance is low i.e.167mm.
  3. Also, the front wheel is only 17 inches which was expected to be a bigger tyre for an adventure bike.
  4. If you ride the bike with a pillion, you will find even the mild city road hump hits the bike.
  5. The suspension is quite hard.  You will feel the potholes, and bumps while riding the bike.
  6. For a touring adventure bike, the seat must be comfortable.  But in Honda CB200x the seat is not touring-friendly.  Moreover, the pillion seat is also uncomfortable.


To conclude, the cb200x is good for city touring bikes. You can even take for a long distance but you need to arrange a seat cushion to protect your bum from saddle sore. While you can get a better option at this price which are better alternatives.

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